Have since 2009 advised (informal or as board member), consulted with, worked at/co-founded a few tech startups (e.g Atbrox and Memkite), and for few occasions I’ve done (mostly technical/competitor) due diligence of startups for venture capitalists and potential acquirers evaluating startups.

Regarding working in startup myself I’ve experience with most aspects in early-stage startup (e.g. product development and trying to find product-market-fit, technology choices related to big data and AI, leadership, recruitment, marketing, sales and international contract negotiation, raising private and public funding, and presenting startup for potential acquirers), not all with great success, but have learned a lot.

Startup investments

Some startups I am fortunate to be a (usually small) investor in, most of them through companies Atbrox and Angeleers (which I co-founded/co-own) 

Here is the list of startups:

2.1 Educational Technology

  • Fixxli AS – Fixxli develops and owns a customizable learning platform called Goruu – example customer: the Norwegian Business School
  • Vetu AS – Vetu creates digital learning experiences, and helps companies develop learning content for educational technology

2.2 Sharing Economy

2.3 Medical Informatics

    • Vivit AS – Vivit provides services for patient record vendors to detect (using NLP) potential risk of bad combinations of medicine when patients are being treated both by general practictioners and specialists at hospitals.