Have since 2009 advised (informal or as board member), consulted with, worked at/co-founded several tech startups (e.g Atbrox and Memkite), and for few occasions I’ve done (mostly technical/competitor) due diligence of startups for venture capitalists and potential acquirers evaluating startups.

Regarding working in startup myself I’ve experience with most aspects in early-stage startup (e.g. product development and trying to find product-market-fit, technology choices related to big data and AI, leadership, recruitment, marketing/growth hacking, sales and international contract negotiation, raising private and public funding, and presenting startup for potential acquirers), not all with great success, but have learned a lot.

Startup investments

Some startups I am fortunate to be a (usually small) investor in, most of them through companies Atbrox and Angeleers (which I co-founded/co-own) 

Here is the list of startups:

2.1 Educational Technology

2.2 Sharing Economy

2.3 Medical Informatics

    • Vivit AS – Vivit provides services for patient record vendors to detect (using NLP) risk of bad combinations of medicine (e.g. double set of blood thinners can potentially kill a patient)

(Atbrox is the primary owner of Vivit)