Have since 2009 advised (informal or as board member), consulted with, co-founded tech startups, and for few occasions I’ve done due diligence of startups for venture capitalists and potential acquirers evaluating startups.

Startup investments

Some startups I am to be a (mainly small) investor in (indirectly through co-ownership of Atbrox AS and Angeleers AS)

  1. BuiltOn -BuiltOn offers APIs with ML capabilities that build reliable and scalable commerce solutions.
  2. Fixxli AS – develops and owns a customizable learning platform called Trikks
  3. Fjong – redefining the way fashion is consumed in a sustainable manner
  4. Folkeinvest – a Norwegian Crowd Equity funding SaaS service
  5. Fundedbyme – Sweden based crowd equity funding service
  6. IsoTimber – Low carbon footprint state-of-the-art timber construction for houses and larger buildings
  7. Seedrs – UK based crowd equity funding service
  8. Switchr – Sells solar panels at large installations where you can earn money while producing renewable energy in Europe.
  9. Vivit AS – Vivit provides services for patient record vendors to detect (using NLP) potential risk of bad combinations of medicine (e.g. potentially lethal – using 2 blood thinning medicines simultaneously) when patients are being treated both by general practictioners and specialists at hospitals.