About me (Amund Tveit)

I am a Principal Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft (working on deep learning to improve enterprise software), based in Trondheim, Norway.

Previous experience (see LinkedIn for further details):

  • Engineering Manager in Youtube (working in Zürich, Switzerland), lead a team launching features & experiments on Youtube.com homepage, video watch page, channel page, live chat and creator studio – studio.youtube.com. Idea/lead of AI innovation feature.
  • VP of Data at Zedge (personalization app with 200+ million downloads on iOS and Android). Check out the blog post Deep Learning for Mobile Personal Expression at Zedge for what my team and me are using Deep Learning for.
  • Co-founded Memkite – that developed large-scale Deep Learning and Search (Convolutional Neural Network) with Swift and Metal for iOS/iPhone, parts of this has been open sourced as DeepLearningKit. Also co-founded Atbrox, a cloud computing/big data service company. Atbrox has some “sweat equity” startup investments in US and Nordic startups (in particular within educational technology).
  • Prior to that I worked for Google (my first period there), where I was tech.lead for Google News for iPhone (mentioned as “Google News Now Looks Beautiful On Your iPhone” on Mashable.com), lead a team measuring and improving Google Services in the Scandinavian Countries (Maps and Search) and worked as a software engineer on infrastructure projects. Other work experience include telecom (IBM Canada) and insurance/finance.

I have a PhD in Computer Science (publications, citations: 500+, h-index: 13, i10-index: 14), and hold 5 US patents in the areas of search and advertisement technology.

Disclaimer: I speak only on behalf of myself on this site